Do you hear what your body is telling you? At Amanaki, we place balance at the heart of our practice - between body and mind, between person and space. We aim towards a mindful staying experience completed with health-and-relaxation oriented facilities, a designated Well-being Center with experienced practitioners, guided by a towering vision towards harmony and peace. Reach your balance, both physically and mentally.
Physical Fitness
Mental Health
Wellbeing Centre
The Innovative Healing
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60 minutes
With the traditional meets modern approach, we want to specifically attend to the body’s needs through a well defined combination of therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation and infrared technology as well as traditionally evolved massage. Through a host of techniques, our experienced technicians will extra focus on softening and relaxing your muscles while greatly enhancing your mobility.
The Healing Hands
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90 minutes
On top of tech-based treatments, you will be treated with an additional 30 minutes of traditionally evolved relaxation techniques. With our experienced healing hands directly affecting the stressed points, receptors underneath your skin will be activated to help regulate the nerves, reduce stress and improve your sleep quality.
Sound Healing
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60 minutes
The resonating sounds of Tibetan bowls transported by Chinese settlers in the 1800s, nurture your body through vibrations that align your energy centers from the inside out. Seven singing bowls, each handcrafted in the Himalayas and tuned to an individual chakra, are used to restore the natural frequencies of your body and mind. Each bowl echoes the body’s natural energy vibrations, helping to reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep and meditative sense of peace and well-being.
Additional Information
Make an appointment

Please contact us at 082 342 1010 to make an appointment. In case you need to reschedule your treatment appointment, please notify us at least 2 hours before your appointment so we can best assist you.

Pre/post-treatment considerations

Amanaki Well-being Center aim to open a comfort space not only for your relaxation, but also to take care of your health after tiring working hours. For the best healthcare results, we hope that:

  • -You make sure your blood pressure is stable before joining therapy.
  • -You keep your medical history in mind and provide information to the technician for effective consultation.

In addition, you need to consider the following notes after treatment:

  • -Refrain from taking a bath immediately after the treatment session and only 2 hours after for best effectiveness.
  • -Avoid vigorous movements or carry heavy loads.
  • -Avoid consuming tea, coffee, or alcohol.
  • -Adjust correct postures when lying, sitting or walking to relieve spine pressures.
  • -Adjust or reschedule daily activities to ensure sufficient resting and relaxation.
  • -Supplement with foods rich in calcium, vitamin D, omega 3 to improve disease symptoms after the therapy.
Muscle relaxation therapy

At Amanaki Well-being Center, we combine traditional medical massage methods with ultrasound, electrical pulse and infrared technology to apply in muscle relaxation therapy:

  • -Traditional manual massage: directly ease muscle tension to help relax and increase mobility; stimulate receptors underneath your skin to help regulate nerves, reduce stress, enhance concentration and improve sleep quality.
  • -Infrared technology: progressive muscle relaxation; pain relief: enhancing blood circulation; anti-inflammatory effects against arthritis, neuritis, subcutaneous tissue inflammation.
  • -Electrical stimulation: peripheral circulation improvement; pain relief in muscle, bone and joints; reduction of muscle spasm and atrophy
  • -Therapeutic ultrasound: vasodilation; enhancing blood circulation; enhancing metabolism and elimination processes; enhancing anti-inflammatory mechanism and relieving pain; softening tissue, scars, tendons, and joints.

To ensure your safety, please consider the following factors before participating in therapy:

  • -Do not use stimulants such as alcohol, or beer before treatment.
  • -Guests with fever, dermatitis, allergies should not participate in the treatment.
  • -If you have acute injuries and have symptoms such as swelling, heat, redness, pain, or suspected fracture around the area to be treated, you should contact medical centers for advice.
Sound healing therapy

Sound healing therapy is a method of using sound and sound vibrations from singing bells to help regulate mind and body energy, which helps:

  • -Reduce stress
  • -Regain calm, relaxation and positive energy in mind.
  • -Awaken deep-sleeping emotions in the subconscious.
  • -Stimulates cells, blood vessels, lymph, nerves and muscles to help relieve congestion and tension in the body.

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