Conversation with Ms. Yen - Executive Housekeeper at Amanaki Thao Dien
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This is a day at Amanaki Thao Dien, seen through the eyes of Ms. Yen, our Housekeeping Manager. Yen recalls her favorite moments, from the smallest details taken care of to create a pleasant ambience to being tasked with an eco-friendly approach in operation.
1. How long have you worked at Amanaki?
I have been working at Amanaki for nearly 1 year.
2. Please share more about your work at Amanaki
As head of the housekeeping department, I am the one who ensures that every nook and cranny of the hotel is thoroughly cleaned and cared for.
The smallest details are taken care of to create a pleasant, clean overall for the space. From curtains, pillows, floors, walls, even invisible things like scent,music… all need to be consistent with our Amanaki's standards.
The Housekeeping Department is also the department that will check the quality of all equipment in the guest room to coordinate with the Maintenance Department to ensure the best guest experience when using the hotel's facilities.
3. What is your working day like?
As Room Service is a key part of the hotel's quality assurance, our day is always busy.
Every day, I am at the hotel at 7:50am to update the room status with our team members and assign the work for them.
The first priority job is to prepare the check-out and check-in rooms for the day. Then we need to ensure fresh fruit and water are in place. We also check the hygiene quality of towels and items before we arrange them to each room for guests to use.
During the day, there will always be someone on duty to be ready to provide guests with items if they need. We also coordinate with the Reception team to notify guests if valuable items are found in the room.
In addition, we will also assign people to take care of public areas such as corridors and lobby, especially the hotel's paintings and ceramic works that also need careful attention. At the same time, garbage sorting is also an important work of the day that we have to complete.
This is just a basic part of my workday. There will always be small details, recurring tasks that arise that we will need to deal with during the day.
4. What do you find most interesting about your job?
What I find most enjoyable about doing this job is being part of the core of Amanaki's quality, and seeing our guests satisfied with us.
In addition, my colleagues are also a big part of the motivation in a working day because I love hearing them share their daily stories. That makes me feel like working with friends.
5. How to make sure guests have an impressive experience with Amanaki?
In order for our guests to have the best experience in our department, we not only pay attention to ensuring the conscientious completion of the housekeeping work, but also pay attention to the professionalism and friendliness of the staff.
We try to provide service and support our guests wholeheartedly. In addition, we also always want to listen to guests' opinions about their experience, so that we can improve the quality of our work.
It's the little things, but I believe I can always make the biggest impression.

6. If you wanted people to know one thing about Amanaki, what would it be?

One thing I think customers should know about Amanaki, is the effort of the entire hotel team to ensure eco-friendliness in operation.
Each department has different ways to contribute to the sustainable development mission of Amanaki in particular and the tourism/hotel industry in general.

For my department, it's about not using non-recyclable items and having policies like using natural cleaners to take care of the hotel without affecting the environment.

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