Conversation with Mr. Nam - Front Office Manager at Amanaki Thao Dien
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Nam’s love of working with people and the art of service is his true passion – something that he loves to share with his guests.
1.How long have you worked at Amanaki?
I have been working at Amanaki for nearly 1 year.
2.Please share more about your work at Amanaki?
My position at Amanaki Thao Dien is Front Office Manager. At the hotel, I act as a bridge between different departments and assign work to ensure smooth operation of the hotel every day.
In addition, this position also requires me to be a bridge between the hotel and the customer, ensuring that each and every request will be responded timely and accurately.
3.What is your working day like?
My day starts at 8:00 am every day. Before starting, I usually review emails and updated news from the hotel. I think this information is important to share with our front desk team. We also share the status of each room and booking status to ensure the information between shifts is consistent.
At the same time, when a situation arises, we will discuss to come up with the most appropriate way to handle it. I usually won't decide on the solution. I want to hear everyone's opinions more. I wish I would only act as a guide so our team can learn and develop together.
However, for difficult or urgent situations, I will be the one responsible for handling the problem, then together we will review the case so we can do better the next time.
For each assigned job, I always try to understand the personality of each person, his or her strengths and weaknesses. Based on that, I can assign the work that each person can do well. best. I think communicating and connecting with each employee is also part of my daily routine.
4.What do you find most interesting about your job?
What I find most interesting and enjoyable about working at Amanaki is that everyone has a voice. No matter who you are, what department you are in, are you old or new, your opinion is listened to.
In addition, one thing I also really like about my job is working in an environment where sustainability is at the core. This is an element that I have not encountered anywhere with as much focus as this place, in comparison to our hotel scale.
There is a saying from the founder that makes me feel very respectful of Amanaki's values, which is: "No matter what you do, everyone should think about the future of the next generation. If you keep working and making profits and think it's for your children and grandchildren, then when the environment is damaged, even if you have money, your children and grandchildren can't have a good life."
5.How to make sure guests have an enjoyable experience with Amanaki?
To make sure our guests have an enjoyable experience at Amanaki, I always focus on first impressions. As soon as guests step off the bus at Amanaki's front yard, I always make sure our staff members greet our guests with a friendly welcome. I think small actions count, like simple greetings, little suggestions for a day out, helping guests with luggage,...
To do this, I always hope that our team will put themselves in the position of each guest to understand the mood and needs. For example, after a long journey, our guests will want to enjoy a cool and fresh drink, so we always prepare the freshest coconuts to invite guests when they enter the lobby.
In addition, I always want to give each and every guest a feeling of intimacy, a second home, not a strange place with just a customer and hotel.

6.If you wanted people to know one thing about Amanaki, what would it be?

If I could tell you one thing about Amanaki, I would hope that you understand the efforts we make to respect the environment and Mother Nature in the way we operate. For example, our hotel is not using plastic.

Therefore, I felt more responsible for the environment when I started working at Amanaki and understood how my daily actions can affect the environment.

In addition, when thinking about Amanaki, I also want our guests to know that when they come here, they just need to relax and experience, we will do our best to ensure the most comfort and convenience for their stay.

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